Month: December 2015

Frankie & Lou ring in da Noo

— Say, Frankie, Happy Noo Year!

— Same ta you, Lou. Nice ta see ya.

— Swell party, eh?

— Sure, swell, swell. Say, Lou, can we, eh….

— ’Smatter Frankie?

— You know, Lou… you and eh…. me….

— Oh Jeez, Frankie! Not here…. people are starin’ already. And take your hands offa me, so help me!

— Let ‘em stare, Lou. Should old acquaintance be forgot, or what?

— For cryin’ out loud, Frankie: it’s only 1932! Gays is not socially acceptable yet. Got it?

— What you sayin’, Lou? You’re gay?

— Eh, no, no…. I meant, eh…

— You thought I was…. oh Jeez…. Look, I gotta, eh….I’ll just… Happy Noo Year, Lou.





They say nothing rhymes with orange,

and it’s true.

Unless of course you peel it:

Then you really start to feel it —

All those juicy rhymes

Come pouring out of you.



I like to sit and listen

to the voices in my ears.

Few people hear

what I can hear,

so clear,

so near:

All the dear

ones gone before us


in ghostly chorus,

and sing the broken

music of the spheres.