Month: December 2015

Frankie & Lou ring in da Noo

— Say, Frankie, Happy Noo Year!

— Same ta you, Lou. Nice ta see ya.

— Swell party, eh?

— Sure, swell, swell. Say, Lou, can we, eh….

— ’Smatter Frankie?

— You know, Lou… you and eh…. me….

— Oh Jeez, Frankie! Not here…. people are starin’ already. And take your hands offa me, so help me!

— Let ‘em stare, Lou. Should old acquaintance be forgot, or what?

— For cryin’ out loud, Frankie: it’s only 1932! Gays is not socially acceptable yet. Got it?

— What you sayin’, Lou? You’re gay?

— Eh, no, no…. I meant, eh…

— You thought I was…. oh Jeez…. Look, I gotta, eh….I’ll just… Happy Noo Year, Lou.



Dog dash


My dog

close to

plum near



in a fair way to

upped and died

last night.

Vet said he was

all but

in the region o’

purdy much


time we got there.



They say nothing rhymes with orange,

and it’s true.

Unless of course you peel it:

Then you really start to feel it —

All those juicy rhymes

Come pouring out of you.



I like to sit and listen

to the voices in my ears.

Few people hear

what I can hear,

so clear,

so near:

All the dear

ones gone before us


in ghostly chorus,

and sing the broken

music of the spheres.