Month: January 2016

Nature’s lesson

polythecium Zool. Name for a colony or zoothecium of certain infusorians, in which the loricæ are united by their stalks. 

It’s nice to see loricæ united at last, after so much strife in the zoothecium. And let’s hear it for stalks, whose unifying role is all too easily overlooked.

We could learn a lot from certain infusorians.



Gala Dinner

Next weekend, 8pm sharp(ish)

Venue: Either Town Hall or St Cloud’s Hall*

Music by Val Vague (to be confirmed)

Admission: $8 (adults); $6 or $5 (unwaged and/or dependent/elderly**)

All proceeds in aid of clarity.

*We’ll let ya know.
**Proof required, in some cases.


In Filbert Street, two votaries of Staggering Bob are lying on the pavement, sharing a flagon, not demurely, but with warmth and companionable glee.

Lady Gossop, prinked and prim, approaches to a safe distance and admonishes them with shrill voice and tap-taps of her parasol on the flagstones:

Disgraceful! — public street! — spectacle! — reeking! — be off with you! — well I mean!

Votary 1: ‘Would yiz lige a zrink, Mizzuz?’

Votary 2: ‘Enny sbare zhange, Mizzuz?’

Votary 1: ‘Enny zhanze of a ride, Mizzuz?’

Prinked and prim pirouettes and minces quickly away, clutching her parasol and her dignity.

Votary 1: ‘G’wan outta that ya fad-arzed fuggin bitzh what-else-are-ya? Here, gimme that!’

Votary 2: ‘Zhe vanzies you!’

Lady Gossop turns a corner and suddenly feels cold.