Month: September 2016


Somewhere along the line,
my heart just upped and left.
If you find it, you can keep it
— giving shelter is no theft.

It will be my gift to you,
you can feed it on belief,
or any other mindless crap
they give you for relief.

It won’t cause any trouble,
though it’s vicious and unholy,
and it will always answer
to the name of Lonely.




I’m sure I turned quite scarlet
when saw that saucy varlet
rummaging in Leonora’s drawers.

‘Unhand those drawers,
you brazen knave,
or l will pummel you!’

‘S’alright mate’, the knave replied,
‘just looking for a corkscrew.’



I hear my sweetheart’s cackle
as she’s coming down the stairs.
That’s my cue to grab my coat
and leg it to O’Hare’s.

I’m always welcome at O’Hare’s,
where I can be alone,
along with twenty other guys
whose sweethearts are at home.

It’s good to have a refuge
from domestic cares,
or as we like to call it,
the pub for wounded bears.


Bush talk

There’s a shrub called mingimingi
that grows in Australia.
They have a knack for naming things
that could easily jail ya.

Not good to have a dirty mind
when visiting Australia,
but if I find out what mingi means
I’ll definitely email ya.