A thousand words

We go over now to Dick Dull in downtown Daytona…. what can you tell us, Dick?

— That’s right, Marcia. I’m here in downtown Daytona.

Is there any news of who were the people actually involved?

— That’s right, Marcia. There were some people actually involved here, yes, that’s what we believe happened during the course of the whole event, as far as we know it at this point in time, Marcia.

So Dick, what are the authorities saying about it now at the present moment in time?

— That’s right, Marcia. What you’re seeing on your screen right now for people watching this at home who just joined us is just before it happened, I’d say two three seconds just before it actually took place initially.

And then what happened, Dick? Can you talk us through it?

— That’s right, Marcia. It actually happened just like you said, and then, well, you can actually see for yourself the result here behind me. If we actually turn the camera round a bit (just a sec) I think what you can see there pretty much sums it up for us and kinda like speaks for itself, Marcia.

That’s right, Dick. Worth a thousand words.



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