Stay tuned

— ‘Let’s see if Captain Cardew
has finished with the paper.
I’d like to read the details
of Twemlow’s latest caper.’

— ‘Hold your horses, Pilbeam,
I haven’t finished yet.
You’ll have it when I’ve read about
the Duc de Carcenet.’

A tense and anxious stand-off,
and one that we must watch:
the Cardew-Pilbeam axis
has shifted just a notch.

We must contain the conflict,
don’t suffer it to spread.
The peace of every nation
is hanging by a thread.

Wouldn’t you just know it
— that Twemlow would be there?
Skulking in the background,
a serpent in his lair.

That just leaves the Duc
— now who the hell is he?
Stayed tuned for more adventures
of dark deeds and mystery.



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