Gone too far

My time machine has stopped,
so I’m stuck here for a while.
Does anyone know where I can go
to get some camomile?

I only need a handful,
it’s for the cosmic soup,
that drives the generator
that drives the torsion loop.

Yes, it’s my own invention,
though I can’t take all the glory.
Leonardo did the paintwork,
wiring by Marconi.

Four decades to the gallon,
or more if I go quick.
I can get back home before I leave
if I give the valves a kick.

I should’ve bought some camomile
in 1848,
I spent a week there yesterday,
I could’ve bought a crate.

The thing about time travel is
you don’t know when you are,
until you’ve yet to be there,
and by then you’ve gone too far.



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