The Braggart of Emsley

What a saucy fellow the braggart truly is!
All of Emsley hoodwinked by his quite audacious swizz.

Even his own mother was induced to credulosity
when Henry fell to boasting ‘bout his feats of amorisity.

Five and twenty beldams (according to his tally)
queueing at his chamber for the chance to dill his dally!

Who’d have thought a dally could be dilled to that extent?
(And bear in mind ’twas April, near the end of Holy Lent)

But Lent or no, the braggart showed his ardour to them all,
Emsley’s finest beldams were held in Henry’s thrall.

Now the goose that lays the golden egg has turned the other cheek:
Henry’s mother has confined him to his chamber for a week.



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