Simultaneous translation

Dew-dappled and despondent,
(Wet and fed up,)
I pace the morning gloom;
(I’m up early, moving about;)
silence like the sepulchre
(It’s really very quiet)
entombs my little room.
(btw I’m in the spare room.)

Then hark! the morning linnet
(Bird alert: listen)
pours forth a rhapsody,
(starts singing,)
beckoning drowsy sleepers
(waking everyone up)
to join in harmony.
(we’re invited to a sing-along.)

To-whit, to-whoo, the threnody
(La la la, the racket)
ascends the frosty air
(goes on for quite a bit)
and thrills my trembling soul
(then grabs me kinda hard)
with the music of the spheres.
(by the family jewels.)



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