The poet’s progress

I’d like to be a pote of note
like Tennyson or Keats,
then I’d put my hair in curlers
and flounce about the streets.

‘Mais oui, Madam, a poet
of considerable renown!
Perhaps you’ve read my sonnet,
‘The Beldam & the Clown’?’

‘It caused a huuuuge sensation
in the New York Times.
Cosmo Twilb reviewed it,
and adoooored my silken rhymes.’

— ‘Can’t say I ever ‘eard of it,
cos pomes is not my line,
though I do like your ‘airdo,
— can’t do a thing with mine!’

And so I progress through the throng
of dull unlettered churls,
and cause a huuuuge sensation
every time I toss my curls.



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