The cure

I might take a walk into town later today, if the sun comes out. If not, I’ll spend a few blissful hours at home with Compton & Toller’s Herbal Compendium, where I have a lot of friends too.

It’s a marvellous book — over 700 pages! — with large colour photos of nearly all the herbs under discussion. They’re listed alphabetically — from Abizzia Bark to Yucca — and within each section, our authors discuss their history, how to cultivate them at home, and how to use them in cooking and/or medicine.

For most people, I think the main interest will lie in the vast range of health conditions — from Abdominal Cramps to Yeast in the Nethers —that can be treated very successfully with natural herbs. For instance, did you know that Night-blooming Pigweed is very effective against…..

Hold on, is that…?

Yes, the sun is out… woo-hoo!

Now go away.



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