Imagine if we had no world.

I know it’s a strange thought, but just consider it for a minute, and let the full implications emerge of their own accord.

Where, for instance, would we put our socks when we take them off at night?

‘On the floor’, you say naively, forgetting that no world means no floor, and indeed no laundry basket or storage space of any kind!

‘What about a hook, or a knapsack?’, you exclaim, as the horror starts to unfold. ‘Under the mattress?’. ‘On a small wooden shelf beside the bed?’.

Observe how rational man will clutch at any straw to maintain his accustomed perspective on reality, and to keep his socks safe till morning.

And as each flimsy straw breaks and falls away, vast chasms of horror open before the terrified mind. The heart races, the lungs gasp, the brainpan seethes, and poor unaccommodated man is left alone and stark in a cold and pitiless universe.

You see what a single thought can do?

Keep your socks on in bed.



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