At the stump

Ariosto Milner will be here at six o’clock:
I must check my stores of nerve gas
and my anti-aircraft stock.

Regular as clockwork,
Milner comes round every year,
puffing like a steam train,
and beaming ear to ear.

‘Vote for me,’ says Milner,
‘pledge me your support!
For Mayor of Delmar County
I’m the perfect sort.’

‘The folks of Delmar County
will live la vie en rose
and there’ll be no more taxes
cos I’ll tweak the Senate’s nose.’

‘And then I’ll build a great big wall,
of steel (or maybe glass),
to keep the folk of Delmar safe
from what might come to pass.’

‘There’ll be candy for the kiddies
and beer for burly chaps,
and all the pretty beldams
can twang my nether flaps. ‘

I’ve heard it all before, you see,
Milner at the stump.
Sometimes he reminds me
of tremendous Donny Trump.



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