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A dialogue between me and Him

There’s a sense in which
life is a bitch,
as I can now perceive:
it starts to come in focus,
and then you have to leave.

Him: Have you worked it out yet?
Me: Well, as a matter of fact….
Him: Right, out! Next!


Calvary creme eggs

Easter is a time of hope,
of chocolate eggs and bunnies.
I wonder what the Lord would say
— would he find it funny?

All in

The verger at St Anselm’s took me to one side;
he said ‘It might be better if you didn’t come inside.

Nothing personal, of course — ‘All Are Welcome Here’.
It’s just that Reverend Chadband thinks you might be queer.

The ‘All’ in ‘All Are Welcome’ is rhetorical, you see,
not to be confused with the ‘all’ in literally.’

The choice

My grandma was right: life stinks.

However, it’s generally more advantageous to be alive than dead.
Dead involves a brief to-do re burial (grandma, age 98, grandad, age 95), and then…

Alive (by way of contrast) involves the permanent possibility of enchantment.

So I go with alive every time, although it’s up to you, of course.


Let’s see if Lexi Lennox
can decipher ancient runes.
He’s as subtle as a salmon
in a sack of silver spoons.

— I’m sure it’s ancient Hebrew
(akin to classic Welsh)
yes, I’m sure it’s ancient Hebrew
— either that or something else.

— What’s it say, young Lexi?
What’s the general gist?
I’m as eager as a deacon
at the Easter eucharist.

— It’s about a beldam
and a lusty country squire
fornicating in a churchyard
and cavorting in the choir.

— That’s enough, young Lexi,
we’ll have no more of that!
Go back to Harry Potter
and the Magic Cricket Bat.

Odd 2

If God meant us to be sober,
why does the linnet sing
in the arc of high blue heaven
when we bring the grapevines in?

I know my drunken musings
are theologically odd,
but if God meant us to be rational,
why did he give us God?